My Deep Learning Reading (and watching) List


(Last Updated: June, 2017) If you’re here without context, let me bring you up to speed. Early 2017 I quit my job in order to study full time to pursue a learning path into the emerging field of Deep Learning. To that end, I put together a self-study plan which you can read more about on Medium and an updated/revised version on LinkedIn.

My study plan covered a few large “pieces” of study material, mainly the MOOC and a benchmark project. However, since starting, I’ve expanded my studies for a number of reasons which I’ll leave for another blog article. The material I’ve covered so far is listed below and will be updated as I continue my progress into the field of deep learning.

If you’re starting your journey and looking for examples of a study path and material to use, hopefully this will help.

My Deep Learning List

(The below list does not represent articles and blogs I’ve “glanced over”, only those I’ve spend considerable amount of time reading and attempting to understand.)



Books, Papers, Articles & Blogs